What a Day for a Tweetup!

Tweeps at #TheArthurShow tweetup @Moss_Online.

Tweeps at #TheArthurShow tweetup @Moss_Online.

Roaming by Design has been on the road a bit lately (uh, I guess that’s what we’re supposed to be doing when we promise roaming, huh?)! We’ve been around town (and across the pond, actually) gathering tweeps around us for some excellent partying. Recently, we had a highly successful tweetup at Moss Gallery in Soho during their #TheArthurShow, joined there by @abcddesigns @StudioBrinson @williambrinson @goodwithstyle @RMManhattanEd @sarahfrazier @RodRuizPhoto @MelissaCantor @DESIGNCOMMOTION and (yours truly) @SaxonHenry to name a few.

At the sexy rooftop lounge at the Gansevoort Park Avenue recently, we gathered a good group of tweeps around us to celebrate #PlungeWeekend. Keeping it cool that night were @Joeod3 @SusanWilber @GansevoortPark and @SaxonHenry. Where are we next? Well, Vegas, baby—we’ll be cozying up to @Paul_Anater and a long list of tweeps he’ll be gathering at the #Coverings2011 show (which includes the divine @jolocktov)!

And at the #ADshow2011 in NYC late next week, there will be a large gathering of twitterati (a little birdie tells us @Modenus @AndieDay @SabrinaInc @troynyc @Tim_ModenusUK and @gwphoto38 will be there!). If you want a twitvite, leave a comment and we’ll make sure you are in the know! Happy Tweeting everyone!

Plunge at the Gansevoort Park Avenue

  • Rich Holschuh

    Another tweetup? I am down with it. It’s always a great pleasure to meet my Twitter friends face to face, in the flesh: the best Tweeps show their true colors in the tweetstream and meeting them in person is confirmation of their authenticity. There is nothing virtual about that. Truth be told, the 140 character limitation doesn’t hold when it comes to my online acquaintances: there are characters a-plenty!

  • Saxon Henry

    Looks like we’ll all be rocking and rolling during the AD craziness next week! Characters a-plenty, indeed! I haven’t met a boring tweep yet!

  • Andie Day

    Yes, yes, yes! Very excited to finally have a chance to meet a few online friends at AD and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Saxon and Rich for adding me to the twitter-roll. See you in a few days! XO

  • Saxon Henry

    Can’t wait, Andie! Safe here!!!