The Richness of Essence

Where’s Your Slice of Heaven?

Today’s my second participation in the Blog Off—the brainchild of several of my talented tweeps. This week’s subject is “Where’s your slice of heaven?” Though I’ve been to some pretty spectacular places in the world, I have to say that I take possession of my slice of heaven each time I live fully in the moment in my creativity. A shining example of this took place last week. Uber-tweep Richard Holschuh pronounced “game on,” enticing me into a smack-down of “At Play in the Fields of the Word.” We took turns tweeting bits of creative writing as you see it here—140 characters at a time, each entry inspiring the next. It was a frothy, exciting exercise, and I thought I’d share the outcome, which has been given a name but otherwise left as it happened—a monument to “in the moment” poetry. Maybe we should start a Poem Off!

The best thing about my slice of heaven is that I can take it with me wherever I go (and always do). Happy #TravelTuesday everyone! Don’t forget to pack your love for language when you’re taking off for parts known and unknown! See other #letsblogoff entries of my intrepid compatriots here as they go live today. As you will see from their varied explorations, they are a smart and diverse lot with some incredible things to say. You can also see everyone by following #letsblogoff on Twitter.

The Richness of Essence

by Saxon Henry and Richard Holschuh

As one season closes, another climbs: brisk rush into the throws of

fallen leaf, savoring the last of summer’s repast.

The day unfurls, swelling with the sustenance of lit hours, and curls to

sleep, a tracery record of experience. A new bud dreams.

When the shoot noses its way past the loamy soil, the echoes of

unfettered joy drench us in the promise of fullness.

The summer-warmed earth dons her cloak of gold and flaming crimson,

rustling upon her breast, her breath slowing perceptibly.

She clings to the softness of the balmy season even as the warmth

she craves wanes. Autumn’s last leaf skitters away on arid wings.

The sun bows its equinoctial arc, sheathing its glory in ragtag shreds

of dreary gray, as the cricket’s chirp slows and ceases.

The hawk flattens itself to the heft of the brisk breeze, its heart

intent on hunting the prey gathering husks of survival.

Glinting dully across the steely chop of the chill lake, the final rays of

the day slump in surrender behind the embattled hills.

Night slips in on the sun’s wake, darkening the thickets that clump and

freeze into macabre sculptures from frost’s embrace.

Shadowy fingers reach into the forest’s depths, gathering the rattling

sere remnants of high summer clutched amongst the brambles.

As the frigid wind whips through the gorges and buffets the craggy

slopes, the clouds smother the sun’s ineptitude, scowling.

Withered bracken flattens before the warning blasts, hugging in vain

the memory of nurturing warmth. Alone, the moor, once again.

Winter lingers long. Smoke fills the pockets of the valleys with acrid

haze; then bleak turns crystalline at snow’s bidding.

Across the snowbound landscape, a trillion tiny crystal goblets catch

the sun’s dim radiance, magnifying to blinding brilliance.


So I have officially gone all poetic on you: proof is last week’s post, Swan Song, with da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo and Petrarch amongst the tagged and touted!

  • Rich Holschuh

    Saxon!I am awed at the trail of words left behind by our passing tweets; your adept compilation gives their frail existence some credence and a certain gravity. Never knowing what may unfold when a first move is made, the result is as organic and substantial as any other life’s form. Thank you for playing! Enjoy your heaven. I feel like I have a permanent visitor’s pass.

  • Saxon Henry

    It is surprising how organically the path from creativity to beauty can lead when one stays “in the moment.” Adored the exchange and what resulted (a poem for all eternity)! And your pass is a given! Stop in anytime!

  • Rufus Dogg

    The only line in the movie Jurassic Park worth remembering or re-quoting is “nature finds a way.” I’m reminded of that every time humanity has a cold bit of unfeeling technology — like twitter — thrust upon it. Technology comes and goes, but human creativity always find a way around it.Thank you for capturing this!

  • Saxon Henry

    You make such an amazing point, Rufus! I’d really never thought of it that way, but you’re so right. Thanks for sharing the point because I will think about it more as I navigate through this ungainly web platform I’ve created and try to deepen it along the way. That’s always been my M.O. and I’m so glad it shows!

  • Tammy Dalton

    Call and response at its best! Lovely.

  • Saxon Henry

    Thanks, Tammy! So appreciate that you took time to stop by! Loved your post and will be stopping back in to see what you’re up to in the future!

  • JoAnn

    A lovely creation ~don’t stop. Please arrange a poem off on twitter for us poor saps that refuse to blog……..

  • Saxon Henry

    You are so far from a poor sap that I’m not even going to address that part of your comment but I am so very enamored with the process that swept us away and the result of it. I’d like to be creating like that 24/7 but how in the heck am I going to get my work done if all I want to do is be at play in the fields of the word?

  • JoAnn

    Well if you consider your work as also “play in the fields of the word” then I would say you have already achieved 24/7 ~

  • Saxon Henry


  • cindy frewen wuellner

    Saxon and Rich, your sweet words dont make this rumored winter any more welcome, bah. I’m not ready for those bleak scenes. remarkable tweets, you two make magic with 140 chars, thanks for yr brilliance. cindy @urbanverse

  • Saxon Henry

    It did feel as if there was magic taking place, Cindy. Thanks for saying so, and, yes, we will all be feeling the bite of the deepest cold on the skin was too soon! So glad you commented because I hadn’t seen your post until now; I love it! The ultimate wanderjahr for you, nothing less! Brava!

  • Paul Anater

    Wow guys, just wow. The idea that a blog off could inspire such creativity and collaboration warms my heart. Thanks.

  • Saxon Henry

    Rich was the one who inspired this amazing exchange. It was a magical event to experience. So glad everyone responded so positively to it, as deepening my writing life and platform are key to me right now and this couldn’t have been better proof that it can be done if it’s done thoughtfully and well. Thanks for taking the time to tell us we’ve hit the right chord with you…looking forward to many #letsblogoff moments to come!