Mid-Century Madness This Weekend!

Mid-century Meditations in an Emergency?

Mid-century Meditations in an Emergency?

In anticipation of the fourth season of Mad Men, which debuts on AMC this Sunday (July 25) at 10 p.m., Design Within Reach is launching a contest that will have one fortunate fan winning a room full of Mad Men-inspired furniture. Click here for details. Need we even say that if you love mid-century modern furniture, your toes are probably curling right about now?

Take Betty Draper’s perch in therapy: it’s a Barcelona Chaise, no less! One of my favorite episodes had Don Draper, Betty’s gallivanting husband, reading Frank O’Hara’s Meditations in an Emergency. In his “Ode,” O’Hara wrote, “An idea of justice may be precious,/ one vital gregarious amusement…” I’m of the opinion that a room filled with great furniture is one way to get in on that gregarious amusement.

Will justice be served this season for this tempestuous couple who saw their world disintegrate during the last season? Guess we’ll have to watch and wait; at least the wait is almost over!

  • Paul Anater

    There is no other show on television. None.

  • Saxon Henry

    It is so true and I can’t believe how long the wait feels between seasons!