Handwriting on the Wall?

The New City Notebooks

Hi everyone: remember these fresh new Moleskine City Notebooks I took with me to Europe several weeks ago? I had a blast filling them with notes about London and Milan, and jotting down everything I didn’t want to miss given the jet-lagged fog I knew would accompany me back to the states! As I was zipping through the countryside on the trains between Lake Como and Milan, and Milan and Siena (with stops in Florence, of course), I was jotting down sensory information about what I was seeing through the windows. This means they’re not new anymore but that’s the beauty of a heartily used bound book that holds delicious and important memories.

Used and Improved?

At one point I decided to see how it felt to make some notes in my iPhone. Is there a difference between the typed and the handwritten word, I wondered, as I pulled the slim smartphone from my pocket? As I began typing, I thought about how I happen to like to see my own handwriting scroll along a fresh page; how very attached I am to getting everything down in ink. But as the dark letters appeared one-by-one on the yellow-pad background of the iPhone “Notes” application, the entries were pretty jazzy.

Now I find myself torn, asking myself if there will come a point when my back, which takes the brunt of all the flotsam and jetsam I carry with me when I travel, makes the decision? Lugging a suitcase and heavy backpack up and down train stairs has its physical challenges so there may very well be a point when the lighter electronics win out but I do not by any means believe the handwriting is on the wall for giving up my journals or my city notebooks any time soon! After all, I’ve never had a notebook lose a charge on its battery!

Always a Sucker for a Cool Font!

I’m heading back to England and France in two weeks so I’ll let the argument continue to play out as I zip between London and Trouville, France, then back to Brighton, England, on Rail Europe. Stay tuned my roaming compatriots as I’ll be making notes along the way–both handwritten and electronic! What’s your preferred way to take notes when you travel? I’d love to know!

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